Thursday, February 9, 2017

Not a Vegan...but

I am currently not a Vegan. However, I will say that after a day of watching some plant-based food and vegan documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., and Vegucated (to name a few)...I definitely saw the appeal to eating that way. I am not going to get all preachy. Everyone's dietary choices are their own. For me, I honestly do not know if I could ever go full Vegetarian or Vegan. In part because my father is such a master of the grill. However, I am on a journey to eat cleaner and eat more of a plant-based diet for my own personal health.

All that being said...I made a journey to the library. If you follow me/friend me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen a picture of my haul. I went a little nuts in the book department. I had help. One of the twins helped me locate various vegan and vegetarian cook books - a list of which I am going to share with you now.

The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions - this was a pick by my son. He found it on the shelf and in what I am convinced is an uncharacteristic gesture for a teenage boy, said 'this might be good for the stuff you already love to make'

The Naked Kitchen Veggie Burger Book - I love a good veggie burger and my dad and I have decided that we would go on a mission to seek out a good homemade veggie burger recipe. My sister follows a mostly vegetarian diet, so that started our mission. Now I am arming myself for the good fight...mostly because I am a sucker for a good burger and since I've come to adore some (not all) of the vegetarian options I've tried, I'm excited to try more.

Lust for Leaf - This just looked like a fun book and in the margins of each recipe is a beverage and music pairing. The foods are geared toward picnic, potluck, and party fare, which thoroughly excites me in a work environment when chips, fat laden dips, greasy foods, and desserts seem to be the main staples.

Crazy Sexy Diet - While this has a some recipes, I did not pick this one up for the recipe aspect of it or even the 'diet cleanse' aspect of it per se. In all actuality, I picked this up for the information nestled within it's pages. Lots of facts, medical info and insight, and a dose of personal sharing from the author who was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer at the age of 31.

Dirt Candy a Cookbook - One part cookbook mixed with one part graphic novel. This honestly, just looked entertaining and different, so I grabbed it. The recipes come from an upstart New York City vegetarian restaurant.

Last but not least (because this is by far my favorite pick)....

Thug Kitchen Party Grub - What can I say about this? It grabbed me because I'd seen a comment by someone online about the Thug Kitchen. Then I started glancing through the pages while standing at the library. It is full of cursing, so if you are sensitive to that, you may want to stay away. The recipes though, shared with a dose of humor like you were talking with your rough around the edges neighbor, are short of mouth watering. There are recipes here that I think I can even get my kids to eat without too much fuss. Recipes like Cinnamon Apricot French Toast and things I can't wait to try like Roasted Beet Hummus.

So there you have it. The mother-lode of plant-based/vegetarian/vegan cookbooks that I managed to bring home from the library. Can't wait to dig in and try some of the recipes. Do you have a favorite plant-based or Vegan chef you enjoy? Give a shout out. I'm looking for inspiration as I strive to incorporate more vegetables into our meals.

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