Who Am I?

So who is this crazy girl with the weird ass blog title? That would be me! My name is Mara Baruffi. I am an overweight single mom with high blood pressure (sounds so support group-ish). I have amazing teen twin boys (pray for me). I work full time and find eating well and being healthy a HUGE challenge.

But that is what this is all about. A journey to finding my inner happiness, my healthier version of me, and indulging my inner wannabe healthy chef. I am nothing, if not determined, to give it my best effort and to be brutally honest with my journey in the process. If I fall...well then so be it...but I WILL pick myself back up and carry on.

So I hope you follow along with me as I learn to eat healthier, share my failures and successes in the kitchen (especially with the two tough food critics I live with - aka teen boys), and generally just document my journey.

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