Saturday, January 28, 2017

Celebrating Successes- Blood Pressure

My battle with my blood pressure has been going on for about 13 years. When I decided to start my journey to health this is an average depiction of what my blood pressure looked like (don't mind the date on the display - I can't figure out how to change it).

I started trying to dial things in. Change my eating. Make better choices. Found great support with some like-minded individuals. Trying to be honest in what I share and what my struggles are. And have made the commitment to being more active. Things that are not always easy for me.

Where am I at now? Let's be honest. I've been carrying around 'baby weight' for 13 years now. That is a long time to use the baby weight excuse. And it has literally taken me that long (and a family emergency) to make me realize that I was not that committed to my health and being here for my children. Sure I made small changes here and there, but I was lacking the motivation and drive, I'm sure I've said this before and it is started to sound old. But it really is about what motivates you. If you are not seriously locked in to your 'why'...if it is not personal to you and done for ONLY you...then the chances that you will stay committed long term begin to dwindle. Just my opinion. And after all the roller coasters I've gone on in this little journey, I have self-sabotaged and derailed my healthy train many times. Only over the course of the last month have I truly honed in on my why and it has created a snowball effect that is making a difference in everything else...including blood pressure. See?

Isn't this a lovely picture? Seeing those numbers and the little arrow in the green instead of the red is something I haven't seen in a long time. And it is a struggle to maintain it. I'm not perfect and neither are those numbers. So many things can change them (stress, food, drinks, my laziness...), but I am determined to get off medicine and control it myself. I am a work in progress. And so are you. Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small, Revel in the feeling of seeing those little changes. And most importantly, don't beat yourself up when your healthy train gets a little de-railed.

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