Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chasing Lemonade Defined

You may be wondering what the meaning is behind the name 'Chasing Lemonade', and why would anyone call their blog that....

Know that old saying? When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade? Well this is me, runninfrom the lemons and chasing the Lemonade. I'm a huge work in progress, which pretty much sums up my entire life. But more recently, I've been motivated to switch things up and do things a little differently in my life. I'm focusing more on me. Sounds selfish, sure, but we all need to focus on ourselves a bit. If we don't we aren't much good to others. Especially if that lack of focus leaves us run down, under nourished, and craving some mental clarity.

So this is me...a single-mom who is seeking out a better version of myself. In other words, I'm Chasing Lemonade.

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