Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Numbers ~ Accountability

It is all about being accountable to ones self. For your health, for your motivation, for your dedication to keep moving forward. scary as it is, I am putting down my numbers here. I will be honest. I actually started taking this journey seriously about two months ago, so I will share my starting numbers and the numbers I took yesterday and today. So here goes....

Now, it is out there in the universe. The numbers are real. They are scary for a girl who fights blood pressure issues and has watched her entire family struggle with their own journeys to health and wellness. This is about more than looking good in a bikini. For me, this is a journey to being better. To being comfortable in my own skin. To be confident and comfortable in my body. To love what my body has been capable of and what it will be capable of for years to come. To learn to enjoy the journey and the food that fuels us so we can do all that we dream of. The time for this journey is long overdue and I am thankful everyday for the people who help lift me up, support me, encourage me, and most me regardless of how I feel about myself.

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